Resilience, refueling, and fun
Widowhood and Resilience, Saturday, February 11
Finding the Positive in the Negative

January 2023

The Other Side of the Storm
When the end is the beginning
Gratitude is the Secret Sauce of Resilience
Fake it 'til you make it
Happy New Year to you all! May your 2023 be filled with good books, great friends, wonderful wine, belly laughs, excellent physical, emotional, and…

December 2022

What kind of day is today?
An excerpt from BOUNCE: A Memoir of Resilience
I can’t thank you enough for participating in the Amazon buying day on November 30th for BOUNCE: A Memoir of Resilience. In the very early morning that…

November 2022

Friends, My thanks to all of you who've already bought BOUNCE: A Memoir of Resilience, and my deepest thanks to those of you who have left reviews on…