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For a brief moment a couple of weeks back, I considered going back to work in finance - I know! Nobody knows I used to do that… I wrote my cover letter, dusted off my resume, and pushed send! 🤣🤣🤣 When you’ve been out of the office as long as I have (my oldest turns 30 this year 😳😳) the companies aren’t interested. They don’t care that you were PTO President, can still count, add, and build spreadsheets or that you can deal with people. The rejection letters came almost faster than I could hit the send button.

I was not surprised! Every single time I think about going back to the office, something comes up and I’m needed at home. And then we found out that the oldest got a new assignment - in Alabama! Yep, don’t care who rejects me. I’ll be busy helping them move right after #1 grand arrives. I’m too busy to work for $$.

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Knife to the heart.

Freedom day is the day you reject being patronized.

It's the day when someone can tear up your essay and tell you that it is garbage; it's the day when someone can look at the picture you have drawn and tell you that it is awful; it is the day when someone can listen to the song you wrote and say that it is childish and incompetent; it is the day that someone can hear you sing or play and tell you that it is off pitch and ugly; it's the day that a professor can kick you out of a graduate program and tell you that you don't have the skills to succeed; it's the day you get fired from a job because you are not performing well.

It's the day when you know all the criticisms have substance and truth and you stand up and make a decision to do something about it.

That is the day of your liberation.

The only things on this list that have not happened to me are the ones I never tried.

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